What does a secure COVID-19 vaccination certificate need?

What does a secure COVID-19 vaccination certificate need? These five features are essential for a trusted vaccination certificate

As more Covid-19 vaccinations become available and more people yearn to return to the new normal, momentum to introduce a Covid-19 health status certificate is mounting. Across the world, countries are taking steps towards finding a certificate solution in a timely manner that can be trusted by stakeholders. Issuers, citizens, and verification personnel must trust the solution and find it easy to use. Given such high stakes, what other concerns, such as data, administration, and security issues, need to be addressed when creating such a certificate?

The need to introduce a safe and internationally-recognized vaccination certificate is paramount. Existing standards and infrastructures can speed up implementation. In order to enable fast implementation, existing international standards and infrastructures should be utilized. An inclusive, secure platform such as the VeriGO® TrueSeal solution is the perfect way to ensure the widespread adoption of an internationally-recognized certificate.

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