What is happening in eGovernment around the world?

What is happening in eGovernment around the world? eGovernment is a truly global topic

The global adoption of eGovernment is gathering pace, as countries and their citizens increasingly recognize the cost and time savings that they bring.

Some nations have made larger strides and are further ahead than others when it comes to developing eGovernment systems. Let’s take a look at those in the lead:



Innovative technologies have emerged to fill the need for digitized processes. As seen above, governments have been digitizing processes since as early as the 1990s. Since the 1990s, Seoul's comprehensive eGovernment offering has been at the top of the UN eGovernment Survey five times in the past decade. It is no longer a question of why but rather how. But what are providers doing to help governments enhance their digital processes?

Solutions that are emerging out of COVID-19, such as VeriGO® TrueSeal, are a prime example of situational innovation and how government processes can be accessed anytime anywhere. VeriGO® TrueSeal, an eGov attestation process for sensitive patient documents, such as vaccination certificates, that are vital in helping manage COVID-19. By simply scanning the visible digital seal using another mobile device, you can then verify the certificate or document. Furthermore, it can be presented on a smartphone or printed out making the solution useful for all members of society.

Solution providers like Veridos are keenly focusing on implementing eGovernment solutions to help governments achieve the array of benefits they offer.


The eGovernment yardstick

The eGovernment Development Index (EGDI) can give us a notion about the growth of eGovernment worldwide. Between 2018 to 2020, African and Asian countries continued to increase along the index but at a lower growth rate than before. The most notable improvements were seen by Ivory Coast and Lesotho, jumping from 0,27/0,29 to 0,44/0,45. Among the European countries, Cyprus increased from 0,77 to 0,87, thus surpassing the likes of France and Germany.

The steps made are just the beginning. As technologies and ecosystems develop, there is a lot more to uncover within the realm of eGovernment.

Do you want to know how Veridos’ eGov solutions can best suit your needs?

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