What keeps identity documents safe and out of the hands of identity thieves?

What keeps identity documents safe and out of the hands of identity thieves? Staying ahead of the forgers with state-of-the-art security features and measures

A stolen passport? A fake driver’s license? A false ID? Fraud is everywhere and sadly, identity crime affects millions of people worldwide.  All too frequently fraudsters forge and doctor documents to steal other people’s identity and cash, hacking into bank accounts, taking out loans and making money transfers, all in another person’s name.

Identity fraud (namely the unauthorized use of another person’s personal information) and identity document forgery (when identity documents are forged to deliberately deceive others) are a massive drain on the economy, as well as on individuals’ bank accounts. And that money often lines the pockets of organized criminals, further funding organized crime.

Even in an increasingly digital world, physical documents remain vital proofs of identification. And it can be all too easy to forge identity documents that haven’t been rendered tamperproof. To fight fraud, governments need to permanently stay one step ahead of the forgers. Thankfully there are solutions offered by companies such as Veridos that make a document incredibly hard to forge. Veridos employs a balanced mix of the three basic security verification, including high-security printing, electronic components, and holographic structures. Features such as laser engraving, laminating materials, metallic components, surface structures, and optical variables all make life hard for any potential counterfeiter.

There are several key features that can make an ID tamper-proof. We combine high-quality materials, with the most advanced security features, in our tailor-made solutions for our customers. Watch the video below to see some of the features that make our identity documents reliable, easy to verify and secure.

What are the security features in an identity document?

Showing your true colors

A key focus is photo personalization, as this is where forgers tend to look first. Veridos utilizes color personalization technologies, such as to integrate color pictures into polycarbonate-based identity documents and swiftly spot fake documents.

Short for Color Laser Image Protected ID, CLIP ID® technology combines laser engraving and durable image printing to identify manipulated IDs. Bangladesh, for example, uses secure, durable, and cost-effective technology for its new electronic passports. The ePassport solution, designed by Veridos, also incorporates MAGID-ID, an advanced multiple image technology that is both easy to incorporate and verify, yet hard to forge. Depending on the viewing angle, images - in this case, a waving Bangladeshi flag, appear to move in different directions.



FUSE-ID, meanwhile, takes advantage of laser engraving – the initial blue changes to silver under laser light, as well as a patch of special optically variable ink, which changes color when viewed from different angles, combined with a personalized photo of the document holder. The document holder picture is duplicated with a reserve technology, similar to standard laser engraving. Information is laser ablated and has to be printed to forge the holder’s picture, making forgery incredibly harder.

As COVID-19 accelerates digital transformation, it’s also fueling an increased need of cybersecurity and secure systems. At the same time, highly secure physical governmental documents will continue to play an important role in the whole ecosystem - even the interaction with verification management will increase.  But remember, there’s no need to be a victim when there are solutions out there to outsmart the criminals.


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