Vehicle Registration Cutting Theft, Growing Trust

The steadily growing threat of organized vehicle theft and trafficking poses massive challenges to law enforcement authorities.

Enhanced security for credential documents can help. It not only gives police the crucial ability to dependably detect doctored vehicle registration documents, it also boosts public trust in documents establishing rightful ownership.

This has given rise to the electronic VRC (eVRC), a tamper-evident certificate of vehicle ownership that has proven a formidable weapon in the fight against vehicle registration fraud. Because the eVRC constitutes a tamper-proof link between tax payments on record and vehicle ownership, it eliminates the possibility for vehicle owners to dodge taxation with fake license plates and bogus paperwork.

Closing loopholes, increasing revenue

Veridos is able to provide customers with the latest technologies for the enhancement of (electronic) Vehicle Registration Cards (eVRC). The solution is a crucial tool in closing loopholes, properly registering all vehicles on the road and ultimately increasing revenue by collecting all outstanding vehicle tax.

Switchover can be complicated, but the customer benefits from the company’s vast production experience in security printing and ID cards from its parent companies Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei. This insight and expertise allows it to provide competent support and guidance throughout the entire process, from enrollment to issuance. The company also provides advice and assistance in deciding which smart services should be incorporated, such as mobile vehicle registration and other enhancements to the user experience.

An experienced partner for the long term

Customers can look forward to highly secure, credit card-sized vehicle registrations from Veridos. These high-quality smart cards are robust, flexible, compatible with security enhancements and affordable to produce. They are compliant with major standards (ISO/IEC, European Vehicle Registration and AAMVA) and can be personalized centrally or decentralized as fits the customer’s needs. Yet perhaps most importantly, Veridos has established itself as the preferred life-time partner in this field, with the products, solutions and technology our customers need for the long term.

Learn more about Veridos’ end-to-end expertise with regard to document components & manufacturing and the wide range of innovative system components that Veridos offers.

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