VeriCHECK SelfKiosk

Self-service solution eases border processing

VeriCHECK SelfKiosk Self-service solution eases border processing

For travelers, border control can be a stressful experience. And ever-growing passenger numbers could lead to added anxiety. However, pre-registration self-service systems, such as our VeriCHECK SelfKiosk, can ease stress levels and lead to a fast, seamless travel experience for passengers without compromising on security or adding further costs.

VeriCHECK SelfKiosk employs state-of-the-art digital technology to enhance and accelerate border migration processing. The solution includes biometric units that capture the user’s data within seconds, leading to speedy processing and a near seamless system. This enables the secure verification of ICAO-compliant travel documents and background checks or passports and ID cards.

Moreover, the solution is compliant with the EU’s new Entry-Exit System (EES), which is designed to make the entry and exit of third-country nationals easier and more secure. As part of the EES, Veridos has equipped Luxembourg’s international airport with registration solutions for the new EES border control system, including a self-service eKiosk to enable travelers to pre-register themselves before proceeding to a screening booth.

A pre-registration border control solution for everyone

So, how exactly does it work? The SelfKiosks facilitate the capture of self-service biometric data while pre-registering or pre-enrolling individuals into the system. The kiosks help to verify travel documents, thereby helping border authorities with their work. What’s more, the kiosks are equipped with supervision capabilities and presentation attack detection (PAD) functionality for fingerprints and faces.

While their primary use is for border control, the kiosks can be used in a variety of settings in both the private and public sectors - wherever individuals need to submit biometrics as part of an enrolment or registration process. VeriCHECK SelfKiosk is a modular design, meaning that devices and biometric units can be tailored according to specific needs.

Kiosks lead to faster, more reliable checks

The SelfKiosks offer a myriad of advantages. Firstly, the kiosks are designed to be as easy to use as possible, with clear user guidance. High spec integrated cameras capture high-quality face images. Fingerprints are verified using presentation of PAD features. The cameras adjust automatically to the height of users’ faces, including those of wheelchair users. Lighting is automatically adjusted; integrated illumination captures face images, indicates the device position, and conveys the operational status of the kiosk. Finally, the kiosks’ compact footprint makes them easy to install.

All these beneficial features make the border control process intuitive, even for inexperienced travelers, leading to faster checks and improved process efficiency at a reduced cost. Ultimately, the SelfKiosk solution is even more secure and reliable than traditional manual methods.

The VeriCHECK SelfKiosk is based on our established Verification Platform and forms a new cornerstone of our comprehensive range of border control solutions.


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