VeriDNA®: the future of biometrics

DNA analysis and verification for governments

VeriDNA®: The next generation of biometric identification A DNA ID solution to safeguard your identity

The next generation of biometric identification

Veridos is delivering a whole new level of security identification with VeriDNA® - an innovative identification solution based on human DNA. VeriDNA® maximizes the reliability of person verification thanks to an advanced biometric identity technique that was previously confined to sophisticated laboratories and fields such as forensics. It’s automated, fast, and safe from forgery all while considering the privacy of the individual. VeriDNA® provides much higher accuracy when compared to other biometrics, as DNA matching is classified as level 3 biometrics. Veridos is a pioneer in the field of DNA analysis for verification purposes and is the first to offer the government sector this one-of-a-kind solution.


VeriDNA® integrates technology from US-based ANDE, a leader in Rapid DNA Analysis (RDNA), to create a unique human DNA ID that can’t be falsified or manipulated. This DNA fingerprint can then be recorded in national ID registers and integrated into a smart personal identity document.

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