Voters Registration Supporting the Democratic Process

Voter registration systems are a fundamental component in empowering citizens to participate in the democratic process.

The logistics behind this lofty ideal are anything but simple. These systems must gather the essential citizen data used to issue the identification cards (paper or electronic) that certify the right to cast a vote. They must also include duplication checks to prevent voters already registered in the system from re-registering and potentially voting twice.

Where possible, voter registration systems should also be able to administer the voter database, with the ability to interface with legacy systems and to work with downstream systems. At the administrative level, customers typically request voter registration systems capable of issuing relevant voter lists for use by workers at the polling station.

IMAGO compatible with legacy and new products

IMAGO from Veridos supports enrollment, data management and personalization use cases for voter registration systems. Depending on the customer’s needs, it can be tailored to work with legacy systems or an Automated Biometric Identification System (ABIS). It can also interface with downstream systems, for example to send reminders to the voter’s physical or email address about upcoming elections and even assign polling stations based on the distribution of voters to avoid unnecessary wait times.

The best choice to succeed in complex environments

Because IMAGO can retrieve existing biographic information by accessing national registers via Web Services or databank links, it is ideally suited for situations where the voter registration system must enroll new voters or gather missing information from the national register. In Cameroon, for example, IMAGO proved vital to the Cameroon voter ID project, supporting all use cases necessary to successfully perform a countrywide voter registration in a limited timeframe.

IMAGO can also be configured to initiate the printing of voter documents. Some countries continue to use paper documents with name, address, etc. to identify the voter and assign polling stations, while others use voter cards with some form of picture, signature or fingerprint. In all cases, citizen and issuer can be sure the documents are secure, correct and credible.

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