Window Protection Features Enhanced protection in a transparent window thanks to additional security features

The use of ghost images in the window area of identification documents is standard for many types of documents. By repeating the photo of the document holder, it is easy to verify the integrity of a document and therefore an excellent anti-counterfeiting measure.

With the newly developed window protection features, Veridos goes beyond. The enhanced protection of the repeated image of the document owner in a transparent window takes document security to a whole new level. The innovative features meet the most sophisticated security requirements by adding complexity to document construction without sacrificing the convenience of easy verification.

Easy verification – hard to forge

Amber ID appears as a metallic, optically variable window with a positive-brilliant photo of the document owner. When backlit, the window with the motif becomes almost transparent, while in front light it looks like a golden metal leaf that turns green depending on the viewing angle. As the pigments are integrated and not printed, it is the ideal solution for a brilliant personalization in a transparent window. 

The Diamond ID feature helps to unambiguously verify questionable documents. It is fully transparent in day light, while it glows brilliant white under UV light thanks to special pigments. Also combinable with the transparent stripe feature LOOK ID.

Spectre ID, on the other hand, is a further development of Veridos' well-known Magic ID feature, which sets static images in motion. When the card is tilted, the images appear to move. Thanks to Spectre ID, this effect can now also be applied to the transparent window areas of cards and data pages in combination with the repeated holder’s image.

Veridos' transparent window protection features have unique benefits:

  • easy verification
  • hard to forge
  • high degree of versatility
  • impressive durability
  • meet the highest aesthetic standards

Giving issuing authorities the freedom of customizable design and full versatility of combination of security features.

Do you want to know how Veridos’ solutions can best suit your needs?

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Amber ID
Color change, robust, strong

Spectre ID
Spectacular, safe, easy to detect

Briefly explained:
A transparent window or window feature on a card body or in the data page reduces the risk of forgery by punching out and replacing the feature. In the window, there is the possibility to add security features which protect the window.

A ghost image is a special repetition of a photograph already personalized on the document using reduced contrast, intensity or size. Comparing the “ghost image” with the original photo is an excellent anti-counterfeit measure.

LOOK ID is a transparent stripe protecting the data page completely horizontal from the left to the right side. Usually LOOK ID is placed between the holder’s image and the machine readable zone. LOOK ID is a transparent feature which can be used instead of the transparent window but the real interesting opportunities arise from a combination of these two transparent protection features.

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