Driver’s License Enhancing Security and Acceptance

While driver’s licenses originated as a means to promote and advance public safety and security, they have since taken on a more complicated role.

Today’s driver’s licenses represent more than just the physical proof of the qualification to operate a motor vehicle. In many countries driver’s licenses also serve as a primary government-issued form of identification and age verification. As such, any forgery of a driver’s license must be understood as a significant criminal act.

Advanced security features are a straightforward way to enhance public trust in the credibility of these everyday documents. Yet in today’s world, efforts to migrate legacy driver’s licenses to modern ones face not only logistical issues, but budgetary ones as well. Enhancing efficiency and improving convenience may seem like a secondary goal, yet one that can have a major impact on acceptance.

Wide range of materials, security features and operation systems

Veridos provides the latest technologies for the enhancement of (electronic) driving licenses into more secure and trustworthy documents. The company benefits from the vast production experience in security printing and ID cards from its parent companies Giesecke & Devrient and Bundesdruckerei.

Its solutions inherently include the choice between a wide range of materials, security features and operating systems. To prevent those choices from becoming overwhelming, the company supports its customers through the entire switchover process, from revised enrollment and issuance procedures to the development of mobile services that provide further convenience and better user experience on mobile devices.

Years of experience to stay ahead of the market

Veridos customers also benefit from the firm’s reputation and position in the market. Together with its parent companies, it works with standards organizations to help develop the specifications now used by the industry. This experience provides the insight and longevity to ensure that timely updates and upgrades will be made for the many products it sells.

Learn more about Veridos’ end-to-end expertise with regard to document components & manufacturing and the wide range of innovative system components that Veridos offers.


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