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Working within a culture of respect, with lots of opportunities for self-development: Hamza’s story “At Veridos there is a culture of respect, where everyone is treated equally.”

What does working at Veridos mean? “It means working in a culture of respect, where everyone in treated equally. It makes me feel at home,” says Hamza Khalid. In this interview we discover how this special working culture provides room to grow and nurtures self-development – as Hamza himself greatly appreciates. Three years’ ago, Hamza joined Veridos as a working student. His journey of self-development allowed him to become a Service Engineer, before switching teams to now work as a Network and Infrastructure Expert for Solution Delivery, helping customers provide citizens with user-friendly ID solutions.

What makes working at Veridos so special?

Veridos offers flexible working hours so I don’t feel as if I’m trapped in a nine-to-five cubicle job. Here, it matters what you do - not when you do it. I value the fact that colleagues respect each other and the way that we talk to each other. I’m motivated by the constructive criticism and positive feedback I receive. When working within a team, there is a high level of collaboration and passion for our work. Also, I greatly appreciate the complete autonomy I’m given to make my own decisions. Most of all, I’m thankful for the chance I’ve been given for growth and self-development. Three years’ ago, I joined Veridos as a working student. Working now as a Network and Infrastructure Expert for Solution Delivery, I’m involved in key projects including Border Control Systems, Public Key Infrastructures and National Registers, among others.

How is the company culture at Veridos unique?

Firstly, it’s a diverse culture, made up of an international group of colleagues. Communication is open and transparent – from the management level down. We operate within a system of trust rather than control. I’m also impressed by the way that management is empathetic and tries to take each individual’s situation into account, particularly in these challenging times during the COVID-19 crisis. I can honestly say that I’m happy working here.

What has COVID-19 changed at Veridos?

COVID-19 has inevitably changed the way we work. We’ve had to reduce physical contact, which has strengthened our virtual presence, however, you can’t fully replace physical contact but lots of virtual coffees and online meetings allow us to still feel connected and grow as a company. It also made us realize just how strong we are as a company. To quote the words of Winston Churchill, “If we are together nothing is impossible. If we are divided all will fail.”

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