National Register Reliable Recording of Citizen Status

National and civil registers are entrusted with recording salient details on life’s most defining moments.

From births to deaths, marriages to divorces, these registers are underpinned by software installations responsible for managing the data of all registered citizens. A volume of data that once fit into a physical file has now exploded in scope to include not just biographic information, but also captured biometric data such as fingerprint, facial or iris scans. The systems must also be able to initiate the issuance of ID cards, passports or other official documents.

Mixture of local clients and central server

Veridos offers national registry solutions built around IMAGO components. These typically work with web service interfaces to Automated Biometric Identification Systems (ABIS) or card management systems, with additional access to picture or document archives for breeder documents.

The backbone of the system is comprised of several local clients in the local offices and at least one central system. Operations run through a workflow engine and a rule engine. The former is used to add or change new use cases for new services or new regulations; the latter performs the validation checks, such as ensuring that only married persons can be divorced. Time stamps for each new record ensure a correct synchronization should online connections from the local to central system break down.

Outstanding adaptability to country-specific needs

The outstanding flexibility of these modern systems serves both administrator and citizen. The system can be easily configured and adapted to the regulations and workflows in the different countries. Integration of an ABIS further reduces the chances of duplicates — limiting the potential for social welfare and pension fraud and ensuring reliable voting lists.

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