A simple, efficient and secure online visa application process

SmartTravel A simple, efficient and secure online visa application process

Online visa solution is the smartest way to travel

The challenges of COVID-19 are causing visa application centers to reduce opening hours and governments to increase demands for detailed passenger travel histories in a bid to curb infection rates. So applying for a visa online, rather than in person, makes more sense than ever with the provision of eGov services that allow people to quickly solve bureaucratic matters.

The Veridos SmartTravel solution simplifies and safeguards the entire eVisa and electronic travel authorization (eTA) application process for both travelers and authorities alike, making the whole application process more secure, efficient, and convenient.

And SmartTravel covers the entire procedure from visa application to the payment of fees and visa approval online, meaning that applicants no longer even have to step foot inside a visa center.

One-stop solution that handles the whole process

A simple and easy to use website allows applicants to complete the visa process from start to finish. Travelers can find out about requirements and fees via the website before applying for an eVisa or eTA and then checking the status of their request. They can also submit all necessary documents, such as passport scans and immunization records, and even make electronic payments via the website.  During COVID-19, VeriGO® TrueSeal can be used to provide supplementary sensitive documents, such as immunization records.

The applicant then receives his or her eVisa by e-mail and can store it either in an e-wallet, as an image or pdf on a smartphone, or as a printout.

Meanwhile, government agencies can access an additional web application, which provides data insights and enables them to easily handle and examine any submitted requests. And law enforcement agencies can employ SmartTravel’s smartphone application to check eVisas and eTAs, both offline and online. All eVisas and eTAs comply with the ICAO standard on Visible Digital Seals for Non-Electronic Documents with an electronic signature, thereby reducing the chances of fraud and offering offline verifications.  

Safety is the number one priority

SmartTravel is the smartest visa application solution, particularly in these demanding COVID-19 times. The benefits are countless. Data analytics functions help government agencies monitor the number of eVisas issued, according to categories such as nationality, visa type, or fees. And authorities profit from higher security. For example, personal data is automatically cross-referenced with various watchlists, such as Interpol’s “Wanted Persons’” list.

Use SmartTravel to easily and securely apply for a visa, submit all the necessary documents, and pay for your visa - and all online. It’s the smartest way to travel.

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