How can eGovernment digital services simplify your life amid COVID-19?

How can eGovernment digital services simplify your life amid COVID-19? Digital services to help with all aspects of citizens’ lives

COVID-19 is accelerating the digital revolution, as social distancing and remote working drive online interaction. Likewise, government services are increasingly moving online. Why risk face-to-face interaction or spend time standing in line in a government office when you can smoothly, seamlessly and securely access web-based public services without even leaving your home?

Online from day one

More and more people are choosing the convenience of eGovernment digital services for every stage of their lives. After their baby’s birth, the proud parents can apply for an online birth certificate via smartphone directly from the hospital and then safely store this in a personal digital vault. The same goes for school certificates, degree certificates, or a driver’s license – people can apply online for all the important documents that mark life’s most precious moments and keep these secure in a personal digital vault. The vault is decentralized and/or distributed always with the owner's knowledge, which would provide higher trust.

Furthermore, to be used in a variety of situations, digital IDs can be stored in a digital wallet that can be accessed on-the-go both on and offline. Veridos’ mobile driver’s license, part of the VeriGO® DriveID Solution, allows citizens and verifiers, including law enforcement officers, to securely trust this digital identity while verifying the validity through a QR code.  

Digital tax services are also an increasingly popular solution: individuals can apply for a tax number, fill out a tax return and upload receipts online. How about receiving government funding, such as social security or a state pension, via a digital platform? Or alternatively, renewing your passport, viewing medical records, or getting a prescription online?

Keeping information safe

As the impact of COVID-19 motivates people and governments to go digital, we need to make sure that eGovernment services remain secure and citizen privacy is protected.

Thankfully, we have the technology in place to allow people to trust the infrastructure behind these services and mitigate the threat of cybersecurity and data privacy. One example is digital seal technology, which guarantees the authenticity of sensitive documents, such as medical records. For example, VeriGO® TrueSeal, Veridos’ platform for protecting COVID-19-related documents, enables doctors to issue vaccination reports and government officials to then provide a digital seal containing a cryptographically strong signature. The patients then carry the digital seal on their smartphones.

Furthermore, VeriGO® TrueID uses biometric face recognition with liveness detection to securely validate identities when renewing a document or accessing the platform. Veridos uses advanced and state-of-the-art technology in our solutions protecting the identities of citizens and maintaining high levels of security.

What can eGovernment do? Find out the most important use cases

A safe and secure digital haven

The world is starting to embrace digital solutions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Clearly, one of the legacies of the crisis will be a stronger push towards eGovernment around the world. eGovernment solutions are proving to be vital as well as the simpler, smarter, and faster way forward.

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