How innovative eID products ease citizens’ lives

How innovative eID products ease citizens’ lives Single eID card caters for multi-application requirements as versatile as the countries in which they are issued

More and more governments now recognize that it is easier and more convenient for citizens to use online services to prove their identity, cast their vote or apply for social benefits. Modern electronic identity systems increasingly support these multiple purposes by using a single electronic document. As diverse as the possible applications are, so are the requirements on governing identity documents in different countries. These demands for versatility call for innovative eID solutions.

Veridos’ very own chip operating system Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0, used in combination with the Applet Suite 4.0, fully supports multi-purpose usage of a single document. Moreover, Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 caters for the growing demand for a fast, flexible, secure solution for multi-application and local requirements for electronic identity documents. The system is designed for all industry domains and enables services to be combined for various markets such as banking, industry, and government – all on a single card.

While Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0 is one of the first card operating system to follow the strictest security standards of JavaCard 3.1 and Common Criteria EAL6+ to enhance the security of governments’ eID projects, Veridos’ Applet Suite 4.0 goes even further. It comes with a configuration suitable for various standard requirements for various types of identity documents.

Applet Suite 4.0 is based on an open platform, meaning that country specific needs can still easily be integrated. With the support of Veridos’ experts, the development of additional customized applets is easy and convenient to integrate into existing systems.

For standard government document applications Veridos offers the ePass Applet: a compact, off-the-shelf-solution for ePassports, eIDs and EU electronic residence permits. The ePass Applet is a cost-effective solution with the same high security level.

Extensive state-of-the-art cryptographic security features

Sm@rtCafé Expert includes cutting-edge state-of-the-art security algorithms and functions that protect and secure your valuable applications and data. Firewall mechanisms on Sm@rtCafé Expert cards reliably separate the different applets with their assigned data, thereby preventing unauthorized access to the data or objects of other applications and minimizing risk.

Users benefit from tried and tested technologies, robust security, and proven reliability. Other benefits include easy integration and interoperability; increased efficiency as applets from different vendors run on one card; easy updates and low issuance costs, as well as time savings thanks to efficient and flexible architecture for application administration.

The global digital transformation has necessitated consumer identities to move from physical to digital as unique identifies represented electronically during online interactions prove citizens’ real identity. Governmental and non-governmental organizations benefit equally from the likes of Sm@rtCafé Expert 8.0: by the ability to declare taxes online, use e-signatures or manage commercial memberships at stores. The possibilities are endless. After all, the eID revolution has only just begun.

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