VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist Phone app provides flawless, secure and quick provisioning of ePassport data

As demand for flights surges amid a global travel boom, passengers are increasingly willing to take advantage of technology to enhance their travel experience. Secure, innovative technology manages to make travel both safe and stress free. With this in mind, Veridos has developed VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist to enroll, protect, manage and use the data retrieved from an electronic passport within a mobile app. It then allows citizens to reliably transfer their personal information to government authorities and any registered relying party in a variety of senarios.

Firstly, a passenger downloads the VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist mobile app. Next, they retrieve their personal information from their ePassport (self-enrolment) and store it securely using the app. Then they can securely transmit selected passport data sets to trusted relying parties.

The sophisticated application can be easily integrated into an existing website to process passport data electronically as a digital travel credential (DTC) for machine readable travel documents.

Just like a passport, VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist meets international standards, such as those specified by the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO), a specialized agency of the United Nations, tasked with the planning and development of safe international air transport.

An eMRTD is a document issued by a government. As the DTC Type1 is derived from the eMRTD, it unlocks various advantages like:

  • Do pre-checks before arrival of the passenger.
  • Tamper-proof and secure reduce the risk of fraud in the visa application process.
  • Look-up travel history, which can help airport security officers to quickly identify potential security risks.
  • Compare the information on the digital document with the traveler's physical identity, such as their photo or biometric data.
  • Retrieve information about the traveler's itinerary, including flight details, departure and arrival times, and connecting flights.
  • Confirm the traveler's nationality by providing a digital document that contains information about the traveler's country of origin, passport number, and other relevant information.

VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist helps to ensure a seamless, convenient travel experience for passengers, while introducing more security and efficiency for processes for airlines, airports and government authorities alike. It provides higher quality data for background checks of individuals, meaning less manual work, thereby reducing time and effort, while simultaneously increasing accuracy.

Significantly, the app helps to meet today’s passengers’ top priorities for travel, namely simplification and convenience, as revealed by the results of the 2022 Global Passenger Survey by the International Air Transport Association (IATA). “Travel during COVID-19 was complex, cumbersome and time consuming due to government-imposed travel requirements. Post-pandemic, passengers want improved convenience throughout their trip. Digitalization and the use of biometrics to speed up the travel journey is the key,” said Nick Careen, IATA’s Senior Vice President for Operations, Safety and Security in the report.

Straightforward, two-step process

It takes just two easy steps for travelers to use VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist. The first step is to retrieve the data. In order to do this, a traveler must simply download and install the app on a mobile phone. They can then retrieve the data from their ePassport to store it securely on the app. If desired, they can add further data sets, such as those of family members.

The second step is to transfer any selected passport data sets. If accessing a service via a desktop browser, the website generates a QR code. The traveler can then capture the QR code via the app to connect to the website and securely transmit the data.  

For use by registered relying parties

Any trusted third party offering digital services, such as government authorities, border control or airlines, can benefit from VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist to receive a reliable source of personal data.

The app can be employed in a number of use scenarios. For example, for filling out forms such as travel visas or social security forms. At an airport, passengers can simply show the app rather than their passport when dropping off luggage, accessing an airport lounge, at airline check-in or when boarding a plane. When booking travel, the app can provide reliable passenger information. In addition, government officials can use it to conduct background checks on travelers. People can also show VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist as proof of their ID, such as when checking into a hotel.

Easy to use, VeriGO® MobileTravel Assist works with any ICAO compliant electronic travel document. And it can be operated using both Google Android and Apple iOS operating systems. Moreover, as it only connects with registered relying parties and employs the latest security technology, it guarantees the safe transmission of personal data.


VeriGO MobileTravelAssist: ePassport Data Goes Mobile

More and more digital services require personal information. MobileTravel Assist can easily be integrated into existing digital services, providing trusted information to streamline and enhance the process for both sides, the citizen/traveler and the relying party.

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